WiFi is a mysterious black box of unknowns for most event planners and consumers especially when it’s in regards to what your rights are inside a venue. Most people know that the venue can not legally require you to use the in-house AV company nor restrict you from using a third party contractor but for... Read More

Now XLTE Ready

  Verizon has officially turned on their Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) spectrum, dubbed “XLTE”. Although this transition over to the AWS spectrum is an invisible move to users, the service provides double the bandwidth and faster peak speeds in XLTE Cities. The XLTE network is currently available in nearly 250 cities across the US, and... Read More

What’s this WiFi all about?

WiFi, we all use it, some of us love it, some of us hate it (usually only when it’s not working); but if you’ve ever setup a new router or peeked at those advanced settings on the wireless router, you might have thought that those menus were populated by kids just learning their ABC’s; 2.4GHz,... Read More

Reduce – Reuse – ReRent

In honor of Earth Day and all the talk of going green with your events (and your general life for that matter), it turns out that renting your event’s technical equipment is actually ‘greener’ than buying your own; especially when you consider that as much as 83%* of a products greenhouse gas emissions come from... Read More

Cradlepoint’s Heartbleed No More

  In response to the recently discovered security vulnerability in the OpenSSL cryptography software library (CVE-2014-0160), better known as “Heartbleed”, we are proud to announce that all of our Cradlepoint routers have been updated to the latest firmware update released yesterday (4/14/14) which incorporates the Heartbleed patch (OpenSSL version 1.0.1g) along with other security enhancements.... Read More

CradlePoint Joins The Team!

You asked, and we answered! By adding the CradlePoint ARC MBR1400 (say that 10 times fast!) to our inventory 4G4RENT.COM can now offer an enterprise grade, high capacity internet solution to our clients. The ARC MBR1400 offers the latest in high-speed 4G LTE wireless connectivity. This configuration of the already popular MBR1400 series router relies... Read More

3G, 4G, LTE – What does it all mean?!

As mobile devices continue to invade our daily lives and cellular companies continue to battle over who has the fastest, largest or most reliable network, it’s not uncommon for terms like “3G”, “4G” or as of late “4G LTE” to be thrown around as ammunition to help prove their case or promote their brand…but what... Read More

Now Available: iPhone 5c And Galaxy S4 Smart Phones

4G4RENT.COM is proud to announce it’s addition of iPhone 5c and Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phones to our inventory. Available as wi-fi only or with talk, text and data plans these units are the perfect fit for temporary employees, app development/testing, or lead generation at trade show booths. In addition to shipping out charged and... Read More