Get the network your event deserves.

Providing a secure and reliable wireless network (WiFi) is no longer optional for live meetings and events. The same way you expect your hotel room to have hot water in the shower, your attendees and exhibitors expect you to have some level of WiFi on the show floor. This concession alone can cause a decline in attendance and repeat exhibitors – just imagine going to an Internet of Things (IoT) conference only for there to be no internet available for product demos #WiFiFail

TotalControl WiFi from DataPoint puts you in complete control of the user experience, while providing multiple ways for you to turn the WiFi into a profit center instead of a burdening expense on your event budget.

In addition to helping you capitalize on your private network, DataPoint will act as your internet division helping you source bandwidth, design a network specific to your show’s location and needs, while providing on-site technical assistance and real-time network monitoring.

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Your network, your way.

Custom designed just for you. Our network design team will put together a comprehensive plan for deploying your ideal network complete with a predictive site survey, on-site installation and network monitoring throughout your event. Once on-site our engineers have all the tools needed to make sure that everything is up to par and help identify any sources of potential interference to provide the best wired and wireless service possible.

We speak WiFi

When you choose DataPoint as your internet partner you get our team of independently certified WiFi professionals all working to make your event a success. Our team understands that a network for 100 devices looks much different than a network designed for 20,000 devices, and that an outdoor event needs to be approached completely different from a hotel or convention center event.

Smartly Secure

It only takes one unsecured device to compromise the integrity of the entire network, and all the devices attached to it. Our TotalControl networks are designed with multiple layers of configurable security built into them and can be as ‘locked down’ or as ‘open’ as you want them to be. Whether you’re concerned about keeping your exhibitors separate from your event staff, or you simply want to make sure that hotel guests aren’t using your free WiFi to stream online video services, we have a solution for you.

Let our knowledgable staff assist you in building the secure network you want, isolated from the venue’s shared network.

Show me the data!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know which device platforms your attendees were using to better focus your mobile app development dollars, or which web browsers they prefer so that your content is optimized in the best possible formats? How about being able to track times of peak internet traffic and social media activity from the show floor?

Our TotalControl packages include post-event analytics and network reports to give you all the data that is available for everyone on the network. 

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